40,000 students and advisors have attended ASGA conferences over the past 16 years.

Their conference evaluations score ASGA 9.9 out of 10!

The workshops were extremely constructive. The speakers were great and passionate and funny. They made me feel comfortable. They addressed topics that are really important and gave us the necessary info to grow and improve.Sara Caldwell • Student Government Treasurer • Temple College

We traveled across the country expecting, perhaps, a few helpful hints. Instead, we are returning with new vision and tools to revolutionize our student government!Wendy Morimoto • SGA Executive Vice President • Western University of Health Sciences

The best part about this conference happened in the hallways when my students ran up to me with new ideas they were bursting to share!Kerry Dieckman • Director of Student Involvement • Medaille College, NY

I really enjoyed this conference, it was a learning experience, as well as a chance to meet, and network with other Student Government Leaders. I am looking forward to applying the invaluable information I gained, along with implementing some of the programs that were made accessable to us at this conference. Thank you for providing such a well put together event.Christopher Harper • Representative • College of the Redwoods/Del Norte

This is my second ASGA conference and I will definitely continue to come back. It is a great bonding, networking, and rejuvenating experience, both for myself and the students in attendance.Jason M. Winter • Director of Student Life • Saint Vincent College

Very informative. Excellent. Nice conveyance of information intertwined with personal experiences.Scott Toborg • ASCC Vice President • Cerro Coso Community College, CA

This was my 2nd ASGA conference experience and it was absolutely fantastic! Great job discovering and satisfying student needs in SGAs!Becca Freeburn • ASUW Vice President • University of Wyoming

This conference opened and expanded our minds with a wealth of information to be used to enhance the SGA. We look forward to attending other conferences in the future!Tommie Powell III • SGA Advisor • Nunez Community College

I have learned SO much from this conference. The workshops, and more specifically, the presenters have enriched my overall education and effectives. Their knowledge and passion about student government is notable and admired. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!Rachelle Miller • Student Trustee • Cerro Coso Community College, CA

I was here last year – it’s nice to have that extra boost of motivation. Your presenters are amazingly friendly and passionate. It will be a yearly event as long as I have anything to do with it!Beth McGonigal • Executive Vice President • La Roche College, PA

ASGA is an amazing organization and the conference I attended truly inspired me and gave many ideas to make my SG the best in the nation.Joshua Murphy • SGA Vice President • University of Tampa

I attended your conference in D.C. in 2007. Since then our student government has continued to send students to that conference. What we learned through your organization helped the SG at Simpson greatly. Thank you for all you do.Kyle Liske • 07-08 SG Vice President • Simpson College

As a new member in our Student Senate, I really got a great experience and received a lot of information that I did not know before. This has helped me to better understand Senate and get my voice heard. I cannot wait to get back and put these workshops to use!Amanda Marx • Advocacy Director • Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College

This conference helped connect our institution to great resources! The speakers were charismatic and informative. ASGA is giving back to the community by building stronger leaders! Thank you!Xavier Amos • SGA Vice President • Tougaloo College

ASGA is THE organization for your SG training needs. I love the experiential learning, the workshops, and all of the amazing speakers.Spencer Eiseman • Vice President • Morningside College

I had an amazing experience at the ASGA conference. Inspiring speakers, intuitive student leaders. I’m leaving more excited to make a difference on my campus than ever before.Olivia Klock • Vice President of Public Relations • Salisbury University

This conference was a lot of fun! I met tons of great people and learn many new things concerning running an effective student government. I’m leaving rejuvenated, inspired, and excited to implement the ideas I learned. Great conference! Thank you.Cassandra Rodate • Senator • New Mexico Tech

I was very impressed with the quality of the workshops. I liked how they required interaction. They were encouraging and revealed valuable skills.Ellen Whitehead • SGA Treasurer • Cochise College

The workshops were very informative and gave me good ideas. The size was very intimate which easily facilitated questions and group discussion. ASGA has been and will be a valuable tool for our Student Senate in guiding us to make appropriate decisions based on proper protocol. I can justify to my dean why I make the decisions I do.Sara Appel • Director of Student Involvement • Governors State University, IL

This conference has opened my eyes to things that our Senate needs to improve as soon as possible. They gave us the tools needed to advocate change!Teranee Hutch • Whip Student Senate Vice President • Ottawa University

The ASGA conference helped my students realize their importance on our campus and provided them (and me) with great ideas and valuable SGA knowledge.Katie Motiycki • Assistant Director of College Activities • La Roche College, PA

I thought that it would be the most boring conference, just like all the rest I go to. You proved me wrong! I loved it. It was very fun and I would recommend it to every SGA.Ambrosia Wilson • SGA Vice President • Tallahassee Community College

Wonderful. Informative. Conclusive. Interesting. Exciting. Relevant.Martha Vang • SC President • Rock Valley College

The ASGA conference was extremely eye opening. I have never been to a conference like this where I was able to meet other student leaders from across the country and learn about what kinds of issues they are working on and how their SG is set up.James Bonsall • SGA President • Indiana University Southeast

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